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This spotlight learning program is uniquely designed to be a low-time, low-cost, and high-value addition to any organization's learning and culture improvement. It is for any industry, company size, and current challenge and status of culture health.

We require your full name and company address, so that we may know where to send the wristbands included as part of the course purchase. 

Wristbands will come in several different sizes. You may order more bands for the company or to 'partner-brand' with your company logo by visiting:  https://walktheridge.org/wristbands

Shipping for the bands is at no additional charge in the U.S., and please notify us of any special instructions on delivery (gate code, drop-off area, etc). Such notification may be sent to: [email protected]

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Walking The Ridge - 500+ seats - PURCHASE $11.95 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $11.95 USD

I understand that upon supplying this form information and completing this purchase, I will thereafter receive an email with a secure link, to share with employees of my company, so they may register for the WALKING THE RIDGE course.

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  • The link received upon purchase, may be shared with MORE company employees or individuals than is paid for here; AND subsequently, if more users than this multi-seat purchase do register for the course, the company will pay WALK THE RIDGE the difference in cost for those additional course seats within seven (7) business days of such notification. Such payment being made through an additional purchase offer sent by WALK THE RIDGE, such as this.
  • Seat purchases for this online course, as it is of a digital and shareable nature, are non-refundable. For any technical issues, you may contact us at our support email.