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By the end of this program, you will have: 


✔   Learned a powerful system and practice that will empower your actions and behavior (even in times of strong emotion in our different views)

✔   Downloaded a library of highly-applicable reference materials. Plus, the ability to revisit any lesson for the first 60 days!

✔   Embraced the ability to truly show greater listening TO, learning FROM, and greater respect FOR others with different opinions and views.


✔   Connected with others in your workplace and life, who feel and see the difference you have become and have made.

The Facts are Clear.

Incivility at work matters in...

(references at WalkTheRidge.org/statistics)


When treated with incivility, 48% of employees purposely decreased their work effort

Lost Time

Managers and executives spend up to 7 weeks per year - mending employee relationships


78% of incivility recipients stated their commitment to their organization declined

All Industries

In fact, 71% of doctors and nurses linked incivility to known medical errors - including death

"In my more than 30 years in HR, nothing much surprises me...but THIS DID! 
I felt as thought I went through a short & powerful 'learning journey' - instead of another training class with blah design and engagement.
Walking The Ridge is positioned as a low-cost, high-value add L&D asset. Perfect for scaling within an organization, the takeaways are highly applicable for employees, managers, and leaders.
In these highly toxic times, you've hit the mark. BRAVO! You have MY highest recommendation!"

- Brad Holliday, PHR, SHRM-CP, CBM, MBA

In the practice of Walking the Ridge...


  • Individuals combine their own identity, present level of habits and behaviors with a new set of adaptable skills & dialogue techniques. 
  • HR, D&I, and people leaders introduce and support a unique and effective inside-out and bottom-up strategy that improves quality of conversation, workplace relationships, and true sustainable change in organizational culture.
  • Individuals embrace a sense of accountability around understanding themselves and others, while truly owning tools they can use both inside and outside the office. 

We get peppered with great questions. Here are the most common ones

We'll go with FIVE to start, but there are certainly more. These happen at an individual and/or organizational level:

1. Improvement in quality of employee conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through digital messaging.

2. Increased acceptance of, and interaction with diversity of views. More respect and recognition of beliefs and experience for those behind them.

3. Improved employee / member relationships.

4. Growth of specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as in strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Creating a growing environment of improved accountability toward greater listening to, learning from, and showing respect for others.

6. Embracing a powerful practice both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the office. This is important, as toxic behavior and stress are often brought from one place to the other.

7. Improved culture through genuine improvement in belonging, trust, and inclusion. This is a natural results of healthier conversations and digital engagements. 

8. We are able to provide HR and people leaders an up-to-date report on all employees registered for the course and their current progress. This comes as a simple spreadsheet.

So there's your 5 - oops! I mean your 8.

It's super easy. 

1. Choose a purchase option based on number of course seats desired.

Those who choose individual, are taken to the checkout and finalize purchase. An email is sent with course login instructions.

If you choose to purchase multiple seats, you are taken to a form, which you must complete in full. 

2. Upon submission of the form, we then tee up a purchase order, which is sent back out to you via email.

3. You click the purchase button on the email, which takes you to the online cart.

Upon purchase, you are then granted access to a customized course with your organization's name. This comes with a unique link, which you then share with all individuals in your organization.

That link allows for each user to register individually - and complete the course.

Walking the Ridge is not only good for any size organization, but also any type. Because it is specific to improving human engagement and conversation.

For-profits, government, non-profits, sports teams, schools & universities, church memberships, etc.

Every member can access and even re-visit any part of the course up to sixty (60) days from the time of purchase - NOT registration.

If you purchase multiple seats, please make sure that those you share the course link with, DO register.

We strongly recommend that upon initial login, users download ALL of the PDF reference sheets, accessed by the navigation bar link. 

The course contains 5 modules with a total of 23 lessons. There are short quizzes to test understanding after each module.

Total course time is around 2.5 hours.

The lessons are short and highly engaging. We recommend completing it over several days, per user preference.

This course can be accessed at any time through laptop, tablet, or mobile. Plus, our system allows users to pick up right where they left off in their prior session.

Whether purchasing as an individual or group, all course viewers will receive our unique reminder wristband. It is a necessary part for best results in the Walking the Ridge practice.

Your wristband(s) should arrive in 7-10 days from purchase. 

The bands come in 4 sizes (7.5, 8, 8.25, and 8.75 inches). Individuals should measure their wrist and add .5 inches for best sizing. Please let us know best size in your cart field. 

Those who purchase group seats can always email support ahead of time if they want a specific breakdown of sizes. Otherwise, we provide a mix and match assortment of sizes.

Additional bands, including company-branded partner bands can be ordered from THIS PAGE.

WE WANT to see people get better in their own personal practice or 'WALK'. Our workplace and societal cultures need this so very much.

Once you receive your share link (if you're an employer purchaser), we will track (with real-time reporting) the course progress of EVERY person who registers for this course.

For individuals and all employee users, when the course is completed, they receive a confirmation email. PLUS, they will also receive two emails PER week, for the next 8 weeks.

These are short emails, designed to serve as healthy nudges to help the user on their walk.

Most of these tap directly from the course to remind, challenge, and inspire a more present thought on applying learned tactics, skills, and the Walking the Ridge system as a whole.

We do also offer specific consulting and paid speaking services. Reach out to us, when and as needed.

Yes - the individual who purchased the group seats for the organization may request a real-time status update.

We will send you a snapshot spreadsheet report indicating: 

  • which employees/members have registered for the course
  • if they started the course
  • their current module/lesson location; and
  • if they completed the course.


Get ready for a fantastic and rewarding journey for you and others.

Built for Results...

We've priced and structured this course for individual, relational, and cultural benefit.

Just take a look at ALL that's included.



In the first module, you will come to better understand and appreciate both YOUR journey and the impact that a lack of civility has on culture, engagement, and results.

You’ll develop a better understanding about the mission of Walk The Ridge. Plus, a better understanding for our unique approach to improving workplace culture.


  • The 3 pillars that lend support to the practice of Walking the Ridge.
  • Gaining perspective on civility through eye-opening stats and common misunderstandings.
  • Bringing MLK's vision (content of character) into today's common challenge
  • The power of our inside-up and bottom-up strategy to catalyzing culture
  • 'Banding together' for growth support and genuine accountability



This module begins with a focus on YOU. Because individuals that genuinely improve their behaviors, actions, and habits serve as an excellent catalyst for positively impacting both work relationships and a genuinely healthier company culture.


  • The key differences between outcomes, processes, and identity
  • The key signs that we need to improve our self-awareness
  • The power of the ABC model and acceptance
  • Building emotional literacy to help both ourselves and others
  • Understanding and refining our personal core values



This module helps to form a vital portion of your Walking the Ridge practice. Namely the ultra-important core skills you use when both interacting with others, as well as when communicating with ourselves.


  • A deep dive into empathy - including time-tested tips for its improvement
  • A strong story outlining the power of better listening. Plus, many tips for improvement included. 
  • Recognizing gestures, body language, facial expression, and many other important non-verbal communication cues
  • Understanding mindfulness - including the executive and emotional brain, as well as essential tips you can use every day




In this module, you’ll learn truly amazing and highly-effective techniques of dialogue that you can put to use with the skills and self-awareness components already covered.


  • The IMAGO dialogue. This is a dynamic tool developed by experts and best-selling authors who’ve been on Oprah 17 times!  
  • A powerful framework for communication called Conversational Intelligence.
  • The power of asking questions  
  • The Principle of Charity...and no, it’s not what you think it is.
  • Healthier digital communication - such as emails, texts, phone calls, and chats 




This is the module where we bring it all together: purpose, self, skills, and techniques. We unveil our unique and easy-to-remember system that you'll grow from and incrementally improve through over time and engagements.


  • The facets and meaning behind the trusted acronym you'll put to use
  • Examples of application within common challenges and scenarios
  • Final thoughts and takeaways. A terrific lesson to pull in all you've learned and to gain broader perspective.
  • Completion of course triggers off a 60-day period of support to ensure your success in your first steps of, and engagement in this practice.

You Also Get...

Reference Materials...

An impressive array of POWERFUL PDF reference sheets that are attached to many of the course lessons, throughout the modules. 

These are tips, exercises, examples, and key diagrams that are VITAL to learning, applying, and sustaining the self-growth, skills, and techniques within the Walking the Ridge system and practice.

Our reminder tool for 'banding' together.

Finally, every course registrant receives their own Walk the Ridge 'reminder' wristband. 

It's THE wearable anchor that visually reminds us for our accountability, both personally and professionally, as a key part of this evolving and powerful practice.

And real-time progress reports!

For employer clients of this course, we can provide a 'snapshot' report of all employees who have registered for this course, as well as their status on progress and completion.


So, you're just at the very edge...
and still "thinking about it”


Then why not take a look at a FREE, full-length lesson? One that's we've specially selected, right from the actual course.



Get ready for a fantastic and rewarding journey for you and others.

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